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32' Bristol Bay Boat - F/V MERA

Intended use: Salmon Gillnetting

Length: 32'

Beam: 15'

Basic description: 32’ Bristol Bay Gillnetter 2019

Features & Specs:

This new, top house design all-aluminum 32’ x 15’ 5" jet propelled gillnetter is powered by a

Scania 13L 750-hp keel cooled EPA Tier 3 engine coupled to a ZF360 reduction gear provided by Cascade Engine Center, located in Seattle, Washington. Propulsion is provided by an Hi500 Waterjet from Thrustmaster of Texas. The Scania also powers an 8-inch Naiad bow thruster, the water jet's reversing bucket and steering with Glendinning dual station controls.

The hydraulics system by Seattle Marine & Fishing Supply utilizes stainless steel hydraulic lines and fittings, and operates a Kinematics KAW 14- by 16-inch hydraulic winch and Kinematics 42-inch powered stern roller. The 72-inch by 18-inch gillnet drum, a with an MSE8 drive and controls at two stations, is supplied by Maritime Fabrications, Inc. of La Conner, Washington.

The new boat is fitted with eight fish holds lined with Blue Seal for a total capacity of 16,000 lbs. salmon are stored chilled with an 8.5-ton Pacwest Hydraulic Drive RSW (Refrigerated Sea Water)

This unique design has shallow draft capability with quick trips to the line, easily achieve planning speed while slightly loaded. The unique top house arrangement maximizes crew comfort while maintaining a large efficient working deck.

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