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Perfect, strong welds and attention to detail
         distinguish a Lee Shore boat from all of the others.


30' SwiftCat

30' SwiftCat
Intended use:Patrol, dive, recreation, survey Length:30’ Beam: 11’ 6” Transom height: 30” Maximum HP: 600 Weight with twin 225hp engines: 7000 pounds... more

32' SwiftCat

32' SwiftCat
Intended use: Recreation, Surveying, Fishing, Cruising Length:32’ Beam:11’ 6” Transom height:N/A Maximum HP:800 Weight with engines:15,000 lbs Freeboard above... more


  • The "Osprey" Spreads it's wings!

    New addition to the Bristol Bay fishing fleet.

    Lee Shore Boats is excited to announce the delivery of a custom designed and built 32’ Bristol Bay Gillnetter for the 2018 season. This new, top house design all-aluminum 32’ x 16’ jet propelled gillnetter is powered by a Scania 13L 750hp engine in front of ZF360 reduction gear provided by Cascade Engine Center followed by a Traktor Jet TJ611HT from Namjet. This vessel is already working in... more

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