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Perfect, strong welds and attention to detail
         distinguish a Lee Shore boat from all of the others.

Landing Craft

30' Swiftloader landing craft

30' Swiftloader  landing craft
Intended use:oil spill response, commercial fishing, dredging, SAR/Fire Length:30’ Beam:10’ 8” Transom height:25” Maximum HP:500 Weight with engines:6600 Freeboard above deck:30” Basic... more

24' Swiftloader

24' Swiftloader
Intended use: Rescue/Response, Commercial fishing, Shellfishing, Cargo Transport,Recreational Length:24’ Beam:8.5’ Transom height:25” Maximum HP:300 Weight with engines:4700 Freeboard above... more

30' Recreational Landing craft

30' Recreational Landing craft
Intended use: Recreation, Fishing, Cargo Transport Length:30’ , 32’ Including motor bracket Beam:10’ 6” Transom height:30” Maximum HP:600 Weight with engines:Approx 8000 lbs Freeboard above... more


  • Changes at Lee Shore Boats
    In December 2012, Lee Shore Boats moved from the Gales Street location in Port Angeles, across town to a new facility at 2271 West Edgewood Drive. Within 4 weeks, we began building hull jigs for a 27 month, 20 boat contract, where we intended to build a run of 45 x 16 ft crew boats to be used for oil production in South America. This project was successfully completed in March, 2015, on time, and on budget. The new 5 acre facility with over 18,000 square feet of building space, enabled us to... more
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