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16’ Silverheels Fire-Rescue Boat

Intended use: Search and rescue, Patrol, Tender

Length: 16’ 61/2”, 20’ 3” including engine guard/ man overboard platform

Beam: 6’ 3 ¾” molded, 7’ 3 ¾” including collar

Basic description:

The 16 foot Silverheels Fire-Rescue was derived from our popular line of Gilman closed cell foam collared vessels. We have built these boats from 14 to 26 feet in the past, with much success. This boat makes the perfect rescue tender for larger vessels. It features a standup or sit down steering console with 30 gallon fuel tank inside, storage compartments, 3 point lift eye system, tow bitts, and motor guard/MOB platform. The Gilman Products closed cell Ionomer foam collar, provides a non-marking protective collar for coming alongside other vessels, along with providing flotation. This boat runs very well with either a 90 or 115 HP outboard. Unbelievable stability and ride quality in such a small vessel.

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