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16' Surfrider Skiff

16' Surfrider Skiff 16' Surfrider Skiff 16' Surfrider Skiff 16' Surfrider Skiff 16' Surfrider Skiff

Intended use: Fishing, Workskiff, Shellfish, Tender


Beam:6’ 3”

Transom height:20"

Maximum HP:60

Weight with engines:550 lbs no motor

Freeboard above deck:30” high sides

Basic description:The 16 ft Surfrider Skiff is an excellent workskiff, for just about any task. Fully welded seams, .160” marine grade aluminum construction, and high sides, make this a very rugged and safe skiff. We have built many of these skiffs for use as tenders aboard tugboats, recreational and commercial fishing, and many other commercial duties. If intended for non- commercial applications, fore and aft compartments must be filled with foam, and may not be used as storage.


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