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Perfect, strong welds and attention to detail
         distinguish a Lee Shore boat from all of the others.

Step aboard a Lee Shore boat and you’ll immediately realize that this boat is entirely different from a common production vessel. It is solid as a rock and it includes all of the custom features desired by the client. This is a boat built to last a lifetime. Perfect, strong welds and attention to detail distinguish a Lee Shore boat form all of the others. Its takes some time to create a boat like this, but it’s worth the wait. A custom Lee Shore boat is the last boat you’ll ever need.

For over twenty five years, Lee Shore Boats has been designing and building top quality, extreme duty, welded aluminum boats. Handsome and seaworthy, our vessels are highly regarded by professional mariners, government agencies and advanced recreational users. They can be found across the USA, in the Bering Sea, and even in South America. We’ve learned from years of experience what it takes to build a vessel that stands up to the rigors of rough water, rocky beaches, and long, hard use.

Our clients are often experienced mariners who simply cannot find a “production” boat that meets their needs. They’re delighted to find that we specialize in working with clients to design, build and finish their boat so that they get exactly what they want. Whether it’s a bare open skiff or a 48 ft crew boat, a fast rescue patrol boat, a fire boat, or a commercial fishing vessel, we guarantee that your Lee Shore boat will be a joy to own and operate for years to come.

We develop long term relationship with our clients. We have commercial clients who come back time and again to purchase Lee Shore boats. We make sure our clients are thoroughly familiar with the operation and maintenance of their vessel, and offer continued help and support to keep the boats operating properly.

Lee Shore offers a variety of boats from over 100 of our own plans. If one of those is not exactly what you need we can design and build a boat to fit your specific needs. Whether the boat is for work or pleasure, we design a layout with enough deck and accommodation space to comfortably handle all the people, freight and amenities you’ll want to carry.


We offer a variety of steering consoles, T-tops and cabins styles. From a simple steering station with a wind break to a full width wheelhouse with all the amenities, we produce the structure that fits the needs and purposes of the client.

We use smooth plate for our decks, which we prime and paint with a non- skid coating. We’ve learned that smooth plate with a non-skid coating is a surface much more appealing to knees and bare feet than diamond plate, and also much easier to keep clean.

We offer a wide range of options for fuel tanks, according to the application. Fuel tanks are usually installed below decks.

Our custom options include, but are certainly not limited to, crab davits and haulers, side doors for diving, beach access or hauling ATVs, suspension helm seats and custom railings. We are happy to build almost anything else that that you might desire, just give us an idea of what you’re after.


  • The "Osprey" Spreads it's wings!

    New addition to the Bristol Bay fishing fleet.

    Lee Shore Boats is excited to announce the delivery of a custom designed and built 32’ Bristol Bay Gillnetter for the 2018 season. This new, top house design all-aluminum 32’ x 16’ jet propelled gillnetter is powered by a Scania 13L 750hp engine in front of ZF360 reduction gear provided by Cascade Engine Center followed by a Traktor Jet TJ611HT from Namjet. This vessel is already working in... more

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